Yinz Good?

A Mental Health Resource for Construction Workers
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Yinz Good? is a mental health resource for construction workers

Yinz Good? is a mental health initiative founded by the Constructors Association of Western PA (CAWP) and the Master Builders’ Association of Western PA (MBA). 

With the help of a few mental health and wellness experts and construction industry partners, Yinz Good? offers a digital library of free materials to assist in strengthening mental health and wellness our industry. 

Let’s get the conversation started by asking one simple question: “Yinz Good?”

50/100k - current suicide rate in male construction workers
of workers feel stressed on the job
0 %
of construction workers misuse alcohol
0 %
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Frequently Asked Questions

Yinz Good? exists to be as helpful as possible. Here are a few frequently asked questions and shortcuts to our materials that can help you learn more about this initiative and how to navigate this site.
Yinz Good? is for anyone in the construction industry who wants to improve their mental health or who wants to educate others on resources available. Learn more here.
Our mental health and wellness resources range from infographics to youtube video series to toolbox talks – and our topics range from stress management to alcohol misuse of a loved one. See our resources here.
Yinz Good? is NOT a crisis line. If you are experiencing a crisis or an emergency, call/text 988 or dial 911. You can find emergency resources at the top and bottom of each page on our site.

Our generous partners, including AGC and YouTurn Health, have provided many of our mental health resources and materials. Learn more about them here.

If you are in a crisis or emergency situation, call/text 988 or dial 911